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Ovary Cancer Doctor in Delhi and NCR Ovarian Cancer is one of the common cancers in females. Broadly they are divided into Germ Cell Tumor and Epithelial Ovarian Cancer. Germ cell tumors occur in young females while Epithelial cancers occur in elderly females. Epithelial Ovarian Cancer is Treated with Chemotherapy and surgery. Stage I and II cancers are treated with surgery followed by Chemotherapy, Stage III and IV are treated with Chemotherapy followed by surgery. Contact for Treatment http:/
Lung cancer is one of the common cancers in our country and there are many driver mutations identified for which we have many targeted medicines available. Recently there has been emergence of immunotherapy and a landmark trial presented at ASCO this year reported that Inj PEMBROZULIMAB with pemetrexed and carboplatin has better survival than pemetrexed and carboplatin alone